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EARTH ART  Driveway Renovation Service

We provide 3 levels of driveway renovation to suit your needs:


Rip, roll, recycle.

We take up your existing driveway and relay the existing material. 

This service starts at $10/square metre if the volume and type of material you have on site is adequate for the job.


Rip, roll, recycle and rejuvenate.

As per level 1, but where a top-up of the material is required.

This service starts at $25/square metre plus additional material costs.



Rip, roll, recycle, rejuvenate, resurface.

As per level 2, but with a fresh wearing course of your choice constructed eg. asphalt, paving, concrete... 

This service starts from $45/square metre, dependent on your choice of finish.

All services are shaped to provide the best possible levels and falls for your driveway. 

Some driveways will require additional drainage work for the best and most enduring outcome, and we can advise on this prior to commencement of work. 

Should you wish to proceed with additional drainage measures, our team can also provide this service.

All services are subject to site inspection and quotes will be fixed with specific site requirements prior to work commencing.

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